Dynamic DNS updates:

This hack will let your OBi update Dynamic DNS.  It isn't perfect but it works very well.  It's as simple as calling a url to update the DNS at afraid.org.  I believe it would be a simple task to add this feature to the OBi firmware directly.  So please add this OBiHai.  Pretty please.  Until then here you go.

Set up a Dynamic DNS host at http://freedns.afraid.org/
Go to the Dynamic DNS tab.
Copy the "direct" update url link.
Open your Obi admin page.
Click the System management page.
Click Auto Provisioning.
Under "ITSP Provisioning" Change the following.
Method = Periodically
Interval = This setting must be greater then 400 so not to over use resources.  I use 3667.
ConfigURL = Paste the update link you got from afraid.org

Press Submit at the bottom of the page.  Restart you OBi.